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Eastlake Middle School 09.04.2018

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Thanks everyone for putting together a great PTSO fundraiser and assembly. We raised over $10,000! Keep up the great work as we move toward our first progress report and fall break. If you already know that some students are going to fail, it's never to early to reach out to parents and counselors. Some items to consider:

A. Electronic Referral System. The e-referral system is ready to use. You can use the new google form in lieu of a paper referral. The AP referral can be found here: There are also e-forms for RISE-Up and Counselor Referrals. All three forms can be found on our Triton Systems Hyperdoc. You can save a copy of the hyperdoc to your desktop for quick access. Simply follow this link to the hyperdoc and then download a copy to your desktop. You need to be logged in to your google drive to access all documents. (ex.

B. FAC. It's coming up in about a week. Make sure you spend some time speaking with your FAC representatives about key concerns or questions as it relates to student learning.

C. Rise Up. Mr. Mitrovich is accepting all customers periods 2-3-5-6 in Room 1001. Please make sure you fill out the referral that was sent to you or the paper copy that was in your box.

D. We Are EastLake Thank you so much for all your help making Friday’s assembly happen! And thank you Mother Nature for not deciding to rain! It's always great seeing us all come together as school. If there were any students in your TSP who did not get a shirt, please let Mr. Almero know sizes and numbers and we will get them to you ASAP. If you have any extra shirts, please bring/send them to the ASB for place them in the ASB mailbox in the office.

E. Fall Picture Make-Up Day 09.07.2018. If you did not take your staff picture on July 30/31, picture retakes are this Friday. Life Touch will have one photo booth setup in the Pavilion all day. Feel free to take your picture during your prep, nutrition, lunch, or after school. Know that students will need to signup for picture retakes at the ASB or online (link is posted on the school website) and will be taking pictures during their PE classes.

F. Education Essentials Presentations in TSP. Counselors will be finishing up the 7th grade presentations in TSPs this week and starting the 8th grade presentations that will run until 09.20.18. Please limit TSP passes during these three weeks as much as you can.

7th Grade TSP schedule can be found here. 8th Grade TSP schedule can be found here.

G. ELM Annual Luau is on Friday, September 14 from 4:00pm-7:00pm. There will be plenty of food and entertainment. Come join in on one of our biggest community events of the year!

H. Grades. Laura will be sending out information this week in regards to grades. Please make sure you follow the timelines she set forth!

I. Follow us on Twitter @EastLakeTritons!

Aha... if you read this far, this is a secret. Find me at the gates on Wednesday and merely say Unicorn and I will get you a coffee from Starbucks for Thursday. First five win! Shhh!! Please continue reading.

J. Triton Awards! Start recognizing those great students of yours. Give them the shell award and have them find me at lunch or in my office for a treat. I always call their parents and it makes for great community building with your classroom. We will also start recognizing students weekly for the Triton Traits (In this case, Kindness). This is the last week for Kindness. We are going to the Growth Mindset Month! Go to the Hyperdoc to fill out a form and recognize an awesome kid for being kind.

K. Salute to Teachers and Tara Taylor. We hope to see you all out on September 15th in support of Tara Taylor. Click this link to purchase tickets. Way to go Tara!

As always, Go Tritons! If you have something that you would like me to share in the Triton Times, please let me know.

Growth Mindset (Triton Trait of the Month!)

For the month of September, we will be focusing on Growth Mindset. Don't worry, Kindness Mondays will continue all year long (If you have a kindness challenge, be sure to forward it to Mrs. Rose and the TNT crew).

Students with a growth mindset tend to see struggle as a natural part of getting better at something. When they encounter something they can’t yet do, they increase their effort, try new strategies, and end up learning more. Research shows that a growth mindset predicts increased academic achievement and can help narrow achievement gaps.Though students with growth mindset view challenge as an important part of learning, it doesn’t mean that students “just need to put their heads down and work harder.” Instead, students with a growth mindset see many ways to grow their abilities. They can recognize when they need help, and seek out new strategies.

Consider sharing the following 5 minute YouTube video with your TSP to introduce the Triton Trait of having a Growth Mindset. The link the the video is also posted on the Triton Trait Curriculum link on our Systems Hyperdoc. Feel free to add to the list of resources.

In the weeks to come, be sure to nominate students for Triton of the Week who exemplify having a growth mindset.

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Hyperdoc Link

Click here to access the Hyperdoc for ELM.

Nominate a Sweetwater Star!

Do you know a Triton Staff member doing great things? Let's recognize them at the district level by clicking on this button.

Mandatory Online Training

Please make sure you complete these trainings!

Week At A Glance

Week 7: September 4-8

September 4-6 –7th Grade Educational Essentials Presentations (TSP Classes)

  • 09.04 - Rapp, Rayle, Reynoso, Sagun
  • 09.05 - Spates, Taylor, Torres, Ugarte, Villegas
  • 09.06 - Zavala

September 4 - Harry Potter Club Meeting (3:30pm Room 169)

September 4 - Cross Country Team Practice (3:30pm ELM Field)

September 4 - Softball Practice (3:45pm ELM Field)

September 5 – Progress Report 1 Teacher Deadline (Infinite Campus 2:00pm)

September 5 – Cheer Practice (3:45pm Pavilion)

September 5 - Baseball Practice (4:30pm ELH Field)

September 6, 11-13, 17-19 - 8th Grade Educational Essentials Presentations (TSP Classes)

  • 09.06 – Abeyta, Academia, Cherry, Cooke, Cuellar
  • 09.11 – Degele, Dukerschein, Duprez-Ankers, Estey
  • 09.12 – Flinn, Hansen, Johnston, Kasem, Keogh
  • 09.13 – Lagos, Legg, Leslie, Martinez, Miana, A. Miller
  • 09.17 – S. Miller, Mitrovich, O’Niell, Petty, Rose, Seat
  • 09.18 – Sullivan, Torres, Ulle, B. Velasquez
  • 09.19 – C.Velasquez, Wilcheck-Wood, Winczowski

September 6 - ASB Lunch Activity: Balloon Cup Challenge

Septemebr 6 - Cross Country Team Practice (3:30pm ELM Field)

September 6 - Baseball Practice (4:30pm ELH Field)

September 7 - Fall Picture Retakes

September 7 - Flag Football Practice (1:30pm ELM Field)

September 8 - Baseball vs. RDR (8:00am OLH)

September 8 - Flag Football vs FST (9:00am OLH)

September 8 - Flag Football vs. RDR (9:00am OLH)

September 8 - Softball vs. BVM (1:15pm OLH)

September 8 - Cross Country Meet #2 (9:00am OLH)

Down the Road

September 11-13, 17-19 - 8th Grade Educational Essentials Presentations (TSP Classes)

  • 09.11 – Degele, Dukerschein, Duprez-Ankers, Estey
  • 09.12 – Flinn, Hansen, Johnston, Kasem, Keogh
  • 09.13 – Lagos, Legg, Leslie, Martinez, Miana, A. Miller
  • 09.17 – S. Miller, Mitrovich, O’Niell, Petty, Rose, Seat
  • 09.18 – Sullivan, Torres, Ulle, B. Velasquez
  • 09.19 – C.Velasquez, Wilcheck-Wood, Winczowski

September 10-14 ASB Spirit Week in Celebration of our Annual Luau

  • Monday - Sunglasses Day
  • Tuesday - Patriot's Day (9/11 - where Red, White, & Blue)
  • Wednesday - Tropical Colors Day
  • Thursday - Tacky Tourist Day
  • Friday - Hawaiian Day

September 10 – Progress Report 1 Distribution (TSP)

Septmeber 13 - Fiestas Patrias & SYHS Ballet Folklorico @ Lunch

September 14 – Annual Luau

September 24 - Start Fall Break

October 8 - Teachers Return from Fall Break

October 10 - Students Return from Fall Break

Purple Pride!

WEB, ASB and Awesome Assembly!

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Supporting ELH with Our Band and Cheerleaders!

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Fun in Science!

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Express Yourself!

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Farewell to Milo!

Milo will now serve as the Lead Custodian at Rancho Del Rey Middle School. We gave him plenty of purple to wear! He deserves the opportunity and will be missed!
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A Message from our Assistant Principals!

Dr. Shannon Chamberlin and Mendel Nafarrete

We are getting around to all of your classes shortly. As always, let us know if there is anything that you want us to see or focus on as we observe. We are merely asking students What they learned, How they will demonstrate what they are learning, and Why they are learning this material. Thanks again for the hard work with all of the 504s.