Pride and Prejudice

The Plot

Elizabeth Bennett is the second eldest of the five Bennett sisters. She is headstrong and sarcastic, this is very rare for a girl from her time. Her mother's only goal in life is to get all of her daughters married, so when a wealthy new bachelor, Mr. Bingley, moves to town she jumps at the opportunity. Mr. Bingley quickly sets his eyes on Jane the eldest Bennett sister. Jane is the most beautiful of them all, even so she is the most shy. Mr. Bingley brings his obnoxious sister and his prideful best friend, Mr. Darcy to the local ball. Elizabeth quickly despises Mr. Darcy for the way he thinks so highly of himself and so lowly of others. The next day Jane gets invited to Mr. Bingley's house. Her mother makes her go on horseback in the rain. Jane gets sick and stays at the Bingley house for a week. When Elizabeth goes to pick her up she meets with Bingley's sister who thinks of herself as royalty and others as servants. Elizabeth quickly understands that her and Darcy are meant to be married. Mr. Collins, their cousin, arrives so that he can marry one of the sisters so, that the he can inherit the house when Mr. Bennett dies. Naturally, he sets his eyes on Jane but, since she is with Bingley he goes for Elizabeth. When he proposes Elizabeth Quickly denies, despite her mother's wishes. Not long after Jane gets a letter from Bingley saying that they will no longer be seeing each other. Jane leaves for England. Elizabeth goes with her Aunt and Uncle to see Mr. Darcy's house. When she sees him there he is actually quite sweet to her. Later on in the week he proposes but, he makes it sound like she is a last resort so, she denies. Elizabeth finds out that her sister Kitty runs off with a soldier thi9s is a family disgrace. They later get married. Elizabeth finds out that Darcy made Bingley send the letter to Jane. She confronts him. She learn he was just looking out for a friend and that he got them back together and that he paid for Kitty's wedding. So he is actually a good guy and they get married along with Jane and Bingley.