Biggest Daiso outlet building in Japan!

Giga Funabashi (ギガ船橋店)

If you just so happen to be looking for a 7-story 100-yen shop look no further as 'Giga Funabashi' is the biggest Daiso chain outlet in Japan measuring in at 6,600m²! (Retail space 5,600m²)

Whether you're looking for a gift for your family or friend or even a little something you want, Daiso has the widest and most diverse variety of quality products for you to choose from, ranging from confectionery sweets to stationary supplies to cook wear, you name it- we will most likely have it!

Some of our AMAZINGLY CHEAP products!

Very convenient!

Daiso's Giga Funabashi outlet is right next to Keisei Line's Funabashi Station, less than a minutes walk. Please be sure to use the south-side exit.

There is also another route to the store from JR Line's Funabashi Station which is still relivitely close to both Keisei Funabashi Station and Giga Funabashi and within walking distance, approximately 5 minutes on foot.

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Please, come pay a visit to our store!

All the way from the basement floor, 1F to floor 6 of the building, you're sure to find something you would like!

Trading Hours: 10:00~21:00

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by Aaron Hau