April Fools!

Sorry, Mrs. Zoeller

April Fools Day Prank!

On Tuesday, we played an April Fools Day joke on Mrs. Zoeller. We put a spring in a magazine and had her open it! It jumped out at her. We yelled, "April fools!" Ms. Fox caught Mrs. Zoeller's reaction on video.
April Fools Day Joke!
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Bao Bao is Finally Allowed Outside!

This week we received word that Bao Bao would finally be allowed to go outside! This is something that we have been wondering about for a long time. Mrs. Zoeller was concerned that Bao Bao was not allowed outside yet. Now we don't have to be concerned anymore!


This week we worked on rhyming poems. Soon we will be sending home our poems in a poem book!

The Bookfair!

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Hard at Work!

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