One Out of Millions

"I Have Lived a Thousand Years"


The Friedman family lives in Hungary until the SS come and force them into a ghetto. Things go downhill from there. There's deaths,heartbreaks, and confusion. Elli, a thirteen year-old girl has to try to find herself in the midst of this chaos. She does through a ghetto, and three different camps, one of them being Auschwitz.

Growing Up in the Holocaust

My name is Elli Friedmann, just one of the millions of innocent Holocaust victims. I live, or used to live in Hungary. My life used to be all about living life to the fullest, being about family,friends,school,boys and of course shopping. That all quickly ended when the Nazis invaded Hungary in 1944. I was bruised,abused,emotionally scared, morally confused and lost. Welcome to my Journey.


The book takes place in Somorja, Hungary. Somorja is the Friedmans hometown.

Another setting is the Nagymagyar Ghetto, Auschwitz and another labor-forced camp.

The Conflicts

Man Vs. Society - Ellie is Jewish, so the conflict is between the Nazis and the Jews.

Man Vs. Self - Since Ellie was captured only when she was 13, she did go through internal and external changes while going from the ghetto to the camps.

Man Vs. Man - When Elie's father was summoned to a forced labor camp, Ellie was angry at her father, she didn't know what had happened. She thought he had chose to leave.