Lockwood Folly River

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Information of the Lockwood Folly River!

Lockwood Folly River or Lockwood's Folly River is a short tidal river in Brunswick County, North Carolina, USA. Waters from the Green Swamp drain into the river near Supply and flow southward to empty into the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway near Sunset Harbor.

Culture of the Lockwood Folly River!

There are two folklore stories that explain the genesis of the name "Lockwood Folly". The first states that a man by the name of Lockwood began building the "boat of his dreams" along the banks of the river. Working tirelessly for many months, Lockwood finally completed his sailing ship, but when he tried to float the boat, he discovered that he had made the draft too deep to clear the sandbar at the inlet. So with no way to sail the ship out of the river, Lockwood disappointedly left the ship to rot. The locals began calling the ship "Lockwood's Folly" and according to the story, eventually the name was applied to both the river and inlet.

COORDINATES: County, State, & Country

33.9178° N, 78.2361° W

Brunswick County, North Carolina, USA.


In 1980, 16% of the Lockwoods Folly River was closed to

shellfish harvest. Now over 55% of the area is closed

permanently and when it rains the majority of the river is

closed because of unacceptably high bacteria levels that

make it unsafe to consume raw oysters and clams. These

closures not only harm commercial fishing–they also

indicate a declining trend in water quality that could affect

other uses of the river like fishing and swimming.

Things to do at the Lockwood Folly River!

You can go onpaddle trails, you can fish, and at the Lockwood Folly Country Club you can golf.

Pictures of the Country Club.

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