Opinion Writing

Dr. Wise

I can...

Read different texts and write opinions using text evidence to support my opinions.


1. Take notes on paper during this lesson; you can use pencil, pens, highlighters, crayons, or markers for your notes.

2. Title your notes Opinion Writing

Read the two digital posters about opinions.

1. Write down the meaning of an opinion.

2. Write down an example sentence that shows an opinion. Share your sentences with your neighbor.

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Read the opinions.

1. Write down all the words in the sentences that make the sentences opinions.

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Genre: Biography Text

1. Write down the definition of a biography in your notes.

A biography is a true story of a real person's life written by another person, it usually presents events in chronological order, and it may include text features.

How Ben Franklin Stole The Lightining Online Story

Open up your reading text book to pages 406-423, follow along as we listen to the story.

Write Your Opinions Activity: HOw Ben Franklin Stole The Lightining

1. Find 5 events that occurred in the biography that show how you feel about Ben Franklin's accomplishments.

2. Use a direct quote from the text to tell about Ben Franklin's accomplishment. After your direct quote tell me what you think about it (opinion).

3. Explain why you think the accomplishment was beneficial to the people in the world. How did his accomplishments make life better for people?

Example Answers for the Assignment:

1. The text explains, "His post office was the first to deliver mail straight to people's houses." Ben Franklin's accomplishment of creating a post office to deliver mail to people's houses helps people get their mail. Some people may not be able to drive to get their mail. direct quote example

2. I am grateful that Ben Franklin showed people how to use an iron rod so lightning would not burn up houses or ships.

3. Ben Franklin's wonderful invention of the stove helped people heat their homes more quickly.

4. I am glad that Ben Franklin invented bifocals; they help people see near and far without having to switch out glasses.

5. Ben Franklin was a curious, intelligent person that invented an odometer that helps people measure the distance they traveled.

Directions to the Biography Essay Assighnment

1. Go to the Biography Website
2. Pick a person to learn about or you can do Ben Franklin
3. Make a smore or buncee essay about your person
4. You need an introduction, middle, and end to your essay

5. Use text evidence to support your opinions about your person (5 sentences about your person's life with opinions to tell what you think about your person)

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