Opinion Writing

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Read texts and write opinion pieces on texts using text evidence to support opinions.


1. Take notes on paper during this lesson; you can use pencil, pens, highlighters, crayons, or markers for your notes.

2. Title your notes Opinion Writing

Read the two digital posters about opinions.

1. Write down the meaning of an opinion.

2. Write down an example sentence that shows an opinion. Share your sentences with your neighbor.

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Read the opinions.

1. Write down all the words in the sentences that make the sentences opinions.

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Author's Point of View

The author's point of view is his or her attitude about the topic or selection. Talk to your neighbor about what attitude means and includes when finding text to support the author's point of view.

Genre: Biography Text

A biography is a true story of a real person's life written by another person, it usually presents events in chronological order, and it may include text features.

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Student Assignment: Opinion Writing

Independent Practice 1

1. Go back to the biography on page 240-258.

2. Find text that shows Abraham Lincoln's opinions and viewpoints in the biography. You need to find 5 sentences.

3. Write these on your opinion web as our prewriting tool

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Example of the Assignment:

Abraham Lincoln and Slavery

1. Abraham heard lawyers and preachers talk about how the United States was divided. Everyone did not have equal rights. Abraham stored these words in his heart and by listening to them, he developed his own opinions about slavery (page 244)

2. The text says, "Everyone needed better education. If he became a lawmaker, he could help people get these things, so he ran for the Illinois state legislature." Here you can see that Abraham Lincoln wanted to fight for the rights of all people to have an education. (page 247)

3. The biography states, "Lincoln thought slavery a great evil." In this statement, you can see that Abraham Lincoln was against slavery and did not think it was fair. (page 249)

4. Abraham Lincoln worked hard and finally won the presidential election. He talked about how evil slavery was and how he wanted it to end. (page 250)

5. Abraham Lincoln is quoted saying, " As a nation, we began to declare that "all men are created equal." President Lincoln talked to the American people about how slavery did not fit with the ideas of the original Declaration of Independence. (page 249)

6. In the biography, President Lincoln shares his feelings about how true liberty cannot possibly allow slavery to exist. He signed the Emancipation Proclamation that put an end to slavery. (page 255)

Abraham Lincoln and Slavery Essay Assignment

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Independent Practice 2:

Write an essay using your prewriting tools about Abraham Lincoln and how he viewed slavery. Use a writing checklist to check to make sure you included all the elements of the essay.

Tips on Making a Fabulous Essay!

1. First find the five pieces of text that you want to use and write them on the web

2. Explain what the five pieces of text mean under each piece of text that you wrote

3. Write how you feel about each piece of text; use words like I believe, I feel, I think, I agree with, and tell how you feel about the statement.

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