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The Savannah Staff Newsletter

Finish STRONG!!!

We are in the final days of a great year. Let's FINISH STRONG. It is important that we PACE OURSELVES and stay FOCUSED on the things that are important. Please consider the following:

Lesson plans should be TEKS based. Please make sure your lesson plans are aligned to grade-level TEKS. We will conduct lesson plan checks to ensure they are submitted each week on time. We will also check for alignment to TEKS. Please resist the urge to do extended arts and crafts projects. These activities send a message to students that school is over. We must offer rigorous instruction through the last day.

Students need frequent reminders of expectations and must be held accountable to them. Use CHAMPS!

Limit down time / free time in your classroom. Students need to be engaged in learning at all times and they need to know what to do next if they finish an assignment or activity. If given a chance to be children, THEY WILL!

We are all interdependent. Please show up to duty on time. Your tardiness or absence impacts others.

Monitor students while at recess. We have had an increase of injuries and incidents at recess. Please make sure teachers at your grade level spread out on the play ground and watch students.

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May Mania

We realize this is a stressful time of the year. In an effort to relieve as much stress as possible, we have planned a few fun days for the month of may. Above, you will find the calendar of activities. We hope you enjoy them. Some of the activities are pretty obvious. Below, you will find a brief description of some of the activities that may need more explanation for you.

Appreciation Station - Sometimes we get so busy we do not take time to say thank you for the little things people do that make a big difference. May 10th there will be a station set up in the workroom. We encourage you to take time to write a thank you note or two or three to you peers who really make a difference at work.

Boot Camp - You do not have to have a gym membership to stay fit. Coach B will show us simple things that can help us get read for swimsuit season. All participants in this after school boot camp can wear work out clothes to work on the 11th and 18th.

Food Truck Friday - Lunches will be pre-sale only Order information will be emailed.

Team Tuesday - As a grade level choose a theme and dress up. The best dressed, most creative team wins!

Throwback Thursday - Dress in the decade you were born.

Want a Jeans Pass?

Any staff member that sends an all staff email listing three reasons why they enjoy working at Savannah Elementary will get a Jeans Pass Door Sign good through the end of the year.


I want to personally thank you for supporting the Spring Fling. It was a huge success because of you! Your time is valuable and I appreciate you investing it in our school and PTA.

Mr. Mac

STAAR Test Dates

Monday, May 9th


3rd and 4th Grade

5th Retest

Tuesday, May 10th


3rd & 4th Grade

5th Retest

Wednesday, May 11th


5th Grade


All non-testing grades will have specials/conference periods.

HELP WANTED: District of Innovation Committee

The district is seeking the help of teachers who are interested in being a part of the District of Innovation Committee. Each campus in our district has been asked to identify one representative to serve. If you are interested in being a part, please send me an email by the end of the day Friday, May 6, 2016.

This is an exciting opportunity. Chris Shade is heading this committee and anticipates meeting about twice a month from August through May of next school year. Representatives will be responsible for taking feedback from campus to the meetings, communicating with admin, sharing committee work with staff, etc.

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