Automotive Engineering

Kasyap Bendapudi

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What is automotive engineering?

Automotive engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering, concerned with the design and structure of automobiles, buses, trucks, and motorcycles.

I chose this field of engineering because I have always had a very deep interest in automobiles, ever since I was little. I am very curious to know how each part of a car works together, and therefore, would like to pursue a career in this course.

What does an automotive engineer do?

An automotive engineer does one or more of the following on a typical day:
  • Designs new products or modifies existing ones
  • Troubleshoots or solves engineering problems
  • Plans and designs manufacturing processes

Most engineers work on various aspects of automobiles and other vehicles, such as the safety, the fuel economy, vehicle dynamics, vehicle electronics, performance, cost, etc.
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What is the starting salary of an automotive engineer?

The minimum starting salary of an automotive engineer is about $56,000, while the median salary is $69,008.

What education is needed for an automotive engineer?

Most engineers are required to have either a bachelor's degree or a master's degree, in order to become an automotive engineer. People need to have a 4 year degree for a position in automotive engineering.
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