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Reminder- Tomorrow is the Clap Off

The fourth-grade students will travel through our hallways first to be cheered on by our students in the school. Then, they will continue around the blacktop/playground where you will be. They will proceed around the outside of the cones and visitors will be socially distanced on the inner part of the cones. The surprise clap-off will take place at 12:30 pm on June 23rd.*

*If it rains, there is no inside option for visitors. We will hold a school-based clap-off only. An alert will go out to cancel the parade if necessary.

It was a Fun Day!

4th Grade Fun Day was a blast!

Thank you to all of the BGS community who helped make this such a memorable event to end the year.

  • The 4th Grade Teachers - Mrs. Hudock, Mrs.Heffernan & Mr. Perler - for responding to ALL of our emails and helping to get input from their classes
  • Our Local Vendors - Sonscreen Graphics for printing our t-shirts, Pizza Brothers for providing Pizza, The Bridgeville Ice Cream truck that paid us a visit & DJ Skip for the tunes.
  • Jennifer Chen who alone put together our yearbook this year spending numerous hours going through over 500 photos submitted by our team of photographers.
  • Our Army of Volunteers, who helped out setting up, running games all day in the heat and cleaning up - Cathy & John Balla, Anthony Gonzalez, Will Harz, Maryellen Filep, Megan Hughes, Annie Qureshi, Sandra Irwin, Jessica Kursar, Suzie Brown, Sally Bartlett, Jennifer Chen, Jamie Krutz, Fredi & Rosa Diaz, Melissa Fernandez, Chrissie Stewart, Wanda Rosseland, Jeanine Conway, Jenny Gosinanonth
  • Thank you to all who donated snacks, coolers and water for this event,

Thank you ALL for helping to make this 4th Grade Fun Day special. We couldn't have done it without you!

Best of luck to our 4th graders as they move on to intermediate school!

Thanks for an Amazing Year!

Thanks for an Amazing Year

That's a wrap! The 2021-22 school year has been a whirlwind of learning and fun for our Bears. Thanks to everyone who helped to support and enrich our children's learning - whether you're a teacher, a staff member, an administrator, a family member or friend, a class parent, a fundraiser, an event volunteer, a event participant or a PTO sponsor. All of you are part of the BGS Community and that's what truly makes Bradley Gardens a great place to learn.

If you have ideas or questions during the summer, feel free to reach out to us at the PTO mailbox - We'll see you in September!

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