By Sydney Rader

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Nursery Rhyme

Little Miss Muffet Missing

Breaking news! A girl named Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet and went missing. One day a little girl named Little Miss Muffet was hungry and asked her mom to make her some curds and whey for lunch and went outside to play. Her mom Rain, called her back into the house to get her curds and whey. She got her stew and grabbed a spoon and went outside to eat on her tuffet. When she was eating, a spider named Tom came and sat down beside her he said, “Hello” in a quiet voice and she did not hear him. “HELLO,” he yelled louder, “Do you want to play?” “YA,” Miss Muffet yelled and ran off. Rain came out to see what was wrong, then she did not see Little Miss Muffet and called the police. “Little Miss Muffet went missing,” she said. “What should I do? I need your help to find her.” After 30 days of searching, they finally found her in a corn field fast asleep.

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Feature Story

One Last Game Planned for Student Athlete

Forty-nine days after Lauren Hill had her 18th birthday she was not feeling good. She had a collision and a black eye, and her ball handling was sloppy on the basketball court. Her mom and dad took her into the doctor and she had a brain tumor. The doctors only gave her two years to live.

The kind of cancer Lauren had was diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. This kind of cancer is a tumor that has roots and grows tentacles that weave through the nerves of the brain.This last year, Lauren’s family went to the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and a make a wish trip to Hawaii, but Lauren likes her time at home the most. Lauren has a brother, Nate and a sister, Erin.She had another MRI in September 2014, and the doctor said that Lauren will only live until December 2014. Lauren had her nineteenth surprise birthday party on October 1,2014. After basketball practice, all her team mates and family members came and she had a few presents. Lauren could still play basketball, she just would have to do it through chemotherapy and radiation. Lauren still played, but she was not as good as she used to be. Lauren said she never gave up for a second and she never thought about sitting down and doing nothing. She said that she was going to wear her uniform under all her clothes because it made her feel like a superhero and it reminds her of being strong.She told her coach that she wanted to play one last game. The opening game was scheduled for November fifteenth, but the college said that they could change the game to November second at the Mount. She said she was not scared of leaving, she was scared of the people that she was leaving behind. Lauren’s mom said that she was a huge gift from God and if He takes her, that they are going to have to deal with it, but while they had her she was theirs.

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Movie Review

The Blind Side

This movie is about how a kid that was homeless grew up to be an NFL first draft pick. After a little training and a tutor, he finally gets somewhere in his life. Michael then goes back to his home, but the doors were locked because his mom was a drug addict. Then as he is walking down the road to the gym, he gets stopped by a family and is taken to their house to spend the night. As months go by, Michael keeps living with this family and then gets adopted. He starts football and is not so good at first, but then gets the hang of it. His brother and him play with the spices in the kitchen to go over the playbook. The day after the last game, he went back to his old neighborhood and was trying to find his mom, but almost got shot by his old friend.The last time he is with his family, everything is and they have an amazing time. Do you want to know what happens? Watch the movie The Blind Side.

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Ms.Sydney Rader is remembered because she was an amazing person. She went to Norfolk High School and was competitive in softball and basketball. After graduating in 2020, she went to UCLA for college and played softball and won four national titles. She got her degree to be a physical therapist and she was a professional athlete. When she turned 40, she retired and then coached softball. When she turned forty, she was skinny and had brown hair. She got married and had two children that were both girls. She lives in Nebraska and she lives in a big house. She was a professional athlete and she now owns a physical therapy clinic. She still plays softball at age forty and her kids are good at softball like her. She has a softball team. She travels to lots of places for her daughters softball. Sydney will always be remembered.
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Favorite App


Snapchat has been my favorite game since it came out on the app store. Snapchat is an app that let’s you send messages and pictures to your friends that have the app. Snapchat is my favorite app because it let’s me send messages to my friends that do not have a phone. This is my favorite app because of the way that they update it and the nice ways you can use it. You have ten seconds to screenshot the picture they send you, or if you don’t want to screenshot you can just look at that picture for ten seconds or go out of it. You can also take videos on this app, but it can only be for ten seconds or less. I am always looking up to snapchat when i want to talk to my friends when I am at my house and at theirs.
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