The Thirteenth Amendment

By Amita

When Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation he needed to follow it with a constitutional amendment. When the Emancipation Proclamation was signed it took practical effect and not theoretical effect. It was used to justify the separation of the masters from their slaves. After Abraham Lincoln was re-elected , the south
The Thirteenth amendment written by Abraham Lincoln, was adopted to stop slavery in the United States. The north (Union) did not want slavery and the south (Confederate) wanted slavery. Well, the south wanted slavery because they could sell the slaves and get money to pay their taxes and daily expenses. When the Civil War was at action, the south made their slaves go to war and offered them freedom if they fought. While the north, had an entirely different purpose, it was to guarantee the legality and perpetuity of slavery in the slave states rather than to end it. But I think that the U.S. shouldn't have slaves because it is not nice to the "slave" and they should be caring and should think about how the person feels. But the south wanted slaves mainly because they wanted to have workers and did not want to pay them. But some people also said that Delaware and Kentucky remained protesting on slavery even after the 13th amendment. Not many people think so.couk