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Building Resilience - Helping Students Overcome Life's Challenges

Our quarterly Coffee with The Counselors meeting addressed this topic of building resilience in students. Helping them overcome life's challenges to get to a happy, productive life is the first step. We went beyond that to discussing how to also help build 'Grit' in students so they can challenge themselves, reach their goals and be amazing!

Resources for Parents on Resilience

Psychology Today – Connectedness and its influence on Resiliency:

Fostering Resilience – The 7 Cs: The Essential Building Blocks of Relisience:

American Psychological Association – Resilience for teens: Got Bounce (10 Tips to Build Resilience):

American Psychological Association – FYI: Building Your Resilience

The 5 Best Ways to Build Resiliency · Experience Life

General Self Help Common Tips

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Self-Help Resources

This is a good problem/solution site for a variety of issues

The Resiliency Quiz | Resiliency in Action

A good quiz...even if a bit long

The road to resilience

American Psychological Association...One of the better overview sites.

Resiliency resource site

Another good problem/solution site for a variety of issues.

Resilience Animation - YouTube

3:42 Min. Animation - What is Resilience