JR. Panthers

Norfolk JR. High

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I commanded BEar

There was a video online about a girl who commanded a bear, recorded by her dad in Norfolk, NE August 12, 2015, at 4:15 pm. The girl named the bear Fluffy. She told the bear to touch the ground. Then the girl told Fluffy to show his shoes. Fluffy did show his shoe, and they were a red color with white shoelaces. Then the girl told him to go up the stairs."It sound like an earthquake just came," said the father of the girl. Fluffy went upstairs to go to bed. The girl told Fluffy to say his prayers. Then the girl told Fluffy to blow the light."The blow was like 100 mph," says the girl. Fluffy goes to bed and Dad calls animal control to take him away.

Fun Fact about football

Do you love watching football? Do you like playing football? Well then, I bet I got facts you don't even know!

The most watched event on TV is the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the second biggest grilling weekend. Fourth of July is first biggest grilling weekend. Americans eat 1.25 billion wings on Super Bowl weekend. Wings and pizza are the most popular snack.

Eighty percent of Super Bowl tickets go to sponsors. After two years of finishing their careers, 78% of football players will go bankrupt. The NFL has 30 teams, but the value of each team is 1 billion dollars.You didn’t have to wear helmets in football until 1939. Cheerleaders are only shown for three seconds.

Smash Road Wanted

Smash Roads is made by the same people who made Crossy Road. The object of the game is to run away from the cops. You get stars after you blow up a police car or you score so many points. When you get stars, more police cars come after you. There are many different kind of police cars.There are Swat, military, and helicopters. Then you can also can get many different cars. You can get common cars to legendary cars. They are fast and slow cars, also there is big or very small cars. One type of car is an ice cream van.

Age of Ultron

This is a fighting action movie with lots of characters, including Iron Man, Hulk, Ultron, Captain America And Black Window. I like this movie because I like the fighting part of the movie. Also, I like how Hulk smashes Ultron to the sky. I didn’t understand how Ultron got inside of Iron Man's tower. The best part is the new Avengers building.