The Federalists

By Jon Unverzagt And Lucas Schlesselman

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So, Some Things That Are Not Good About The DR party is......They Want Free Trade, And Nobody Wants That Cause It's Not Right. They Want State Banks, While We Want National Banks! Make The Right Choice!


We Rule By The Wealthy Class, Believe In A Strong Federal Government, We Emphasize On Manufacturing, We Have A Loose Interpretation Of The Constitution, We Have A British Alliance, We Have A National Bank, And We Believe In Protective Tariffs.

Hey We Are The Federalists And We Are The Better Party!

The Democratic-Republican Party Is Out To Kill You With Their Biased Opinion And We Are Out To Save You With World War Peace. We Want To Promote World Peace And Make You Better People.

We The Federlist Party And How We Are Better Than The Democratic-Republican Party

The Federlist Party Tells You The Truth About What Is Happening In The Government, We Don't Sugar Coat Things, And We Are Simply The Better Party.

What We Opposed And What We Supported.

We Opposed The Louisiana Purchase And We Believe In A Federal Government, We Rule By A Wealthy Class, Emphasis On Manufacturing, British Alliances, A National Bank, and Protective Tariffs. We also supported the Constitution.

You Wanna Know Our Slogan? Well Here Goes!

We Go Big And They Go Home!

We Believe That National Banks Are Good!

National Banks Are Good Because They Promote Government Spending!

We Like The British!

The British Have Money