Harvard University


Perfect location❓☑️

Harvard is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has many places to go see, and many places to explore! If a student at Harvard wanted to take a study break, they could go out to the Charles River and take a duck tour. At the Charles river you can go running, buy lemonade, go to the Museum of Science, and the little ones can go on the playgrounds.

Why should I go to Harvard?

Well the answer they have a business school, dental medicine school, law school etc.

Harvard also has the largest academic library in the world! Ivy League school because it was one of the first 8 colleges in the United States of America.

Sports? We got plenty!

If you are interested in sports you can do basket ball, volleyball, lacrosse, figure skating, and many more! In fact, 8 Harvard athletes participated in the summer Olympics in 1996! Sports will help you stay focused in class.

Academics are the best

The academics is one of the best in the USA. There are a lot of choices to pick when you are picking what your career is! They have outstanding business and medical programs.These academic courses will help you a lot more. Also they have online classes you could take instead of going to live on campus.