Pollution in Canada

In Canada, there are many environmental issues including acid rain, over extraction, over use of natural resources in the Canadian Shield, and timber being the main natural resource which causes harm to the environment. Acid rain has caused harm to the environment by polluting the Great Lakes. This happens because factories are very close to the Great Lakes. 50-75% of it actually comes from the U.S. Some ways we can solve this issue are: Decrease factory use near the Great Lakes, build factories farther away from the great lakes. Over extraction is another problem. Miners are extracting too many resources and not restoring the soil afterwards. A way to solve this problem is reclamation. Reclamation is restoring the land after mining. The final environmental issue is timber being the main natural resource which causes harm to the environment. The only way to stop it is to lower the extraction of timber.

Where do people live in Canada and why?

In Canada, most people live in the Southern parts due to the extreme cold in the North. Less than 100,000 people live in Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. on the other hand, 33 million people live in Ontario, Quebec, or British Columbia. People choose Canada for many reasons. First of all, Canada has better education than any English speaking country. Also, Canada is the second biggest country in the world. It is rich in natural resources including oil reserves, only second to Saudi Arabia. Canada is also one of the world's safest countries and has the best economy and soundest banking system.

Quebec's independence Movement

The British wanted to be a part of the fur trade so they fought the French and won. Ever since, Britain has controlled Canada. Quebec is worried that their culture and language will dissapear into the rest of English speaking Canada. One of Quebec's reasons for leaving is that they have better education than any English speaking school.