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This Sunday February 3, 2019

This Sunday is Family Chapel, so please join us in the classrooms at the beginning of each service time instead of staring in the sanctuary. Family Chapel is designed for families to experience together, but unaccompanied children are also welcome if families cannot join them.


  • Nursery Care
  • All Ages Spirit Play with the story "Lazy Bear" to illustrate the 2nd Principle "Offer Fair and Kind Treatment" in the children's language


  • Nursery Care
  • Family Chapel, introducing the theme of Trust
  • Middle School group visiting with our partner church minister, visiting us from Romania.


  • General Assembly Information Session
  • Young Adult (ages 18-35) lunch


  • Kindergarten-1st Grade Parent/Child Our Whole Lives (pre-registration required, no drop ins)
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Pictured: some of the fun at Last Sunday's Mystery Pal Party!

Sunday and Every Day: Taking it Home

Last Sunday we had stories about choosing new possibilities, possibilities of sharing and forgiveness, with the stories of Lazy Bear and Joseph (cookie version of his many colored coat pictured below).

Discuss it at home:

  • Have you ever felt jealous of someone else or felt like something wasn't fair? What did you do? What could change so it was fair, kind, or compassionate?
  • Have you ever forgiven someone after they did something wrong? Have you ever been forgiven? How does it feel to forgive and be forgiven? What changes when people forgive?

Spiritual Practice:

Sometimes we take the people closest to us for granted (like our siblings). This week, do something to remind your family how much you love them. Write them a nice note, play a fun game together, go on a walk, or just tell them!

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Planning Ahead: Sunday February 10th


  • Nursery Care
  • All Ages Spirit Play: the yellow promise (3rd Principle) with the story of Small Fry


  • Nursery Care
  • PreK Spirit Play: the yellow promise (3rd Principle) with the story of Small Fry
  • Labyrinth Learning: David and Goliath
  • Middle School Group: TBA

12:00 2nd Sunday Lunch


  • High School Soul Matters meeting


  • Parent/Child Kindergarten-1st grade Our Whole Lives

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