A Peek at Our Week

Mrs. Janich's 1st Grade

Notes from the Teacher

Important Dates and Notes

5-10 Lock Down Practice Drill

5-11 Galileo Math Test

5-12 The Ned Show Assembly

Galileo Reading Test

5-18 to 5-20 Spring Book Fair

5-19 Ice cream social/year book signing

5-21 Chalk Walk

5-24 Disc Golf

5-29 Falcon Frenzy

5-30 No School- Memorial Day

5-31 All School Walk

6-2 Last Day of School- Field Day & Awards & Report Cards Online

***Please note that the last day of school is Thursday, June 2 (NOT June 3rd) There was a misprint on the magnet. It is a full day of school this year.***


Unit 8- Comparing and Contrasting

We have a little bit left to finish up with Unit 8 on comparing and contrasting next week. When authors compare, they show how things are alike. When they contrast, they show how things are different. Authors use signal words such as also, both, and too to help readers identify comparisons; and but, however, and while to identify contrasts. Identifying comparisons and contrasts helps readers recognize how things are alike and different.


Module 4 - Measuring & Comparing Emperor & Little Blue Penguins

This module revisits the penguin measurement activities from Unit 4. In the first three sessions, students have more opportunities to measure and compare penguins’ height as well as order two-digit numbers and use inequality signs as they study emperor and little blue penguins. The last two sessions are devoted to counting by 2s as students each create a pair of identical paper penguins, help to assemble a class chart, discuss the patterns they see, and use what they’ve learned to complete their own counting grid.

Spelling Words

Diphthong /ou/

1. found

2. now

3. ground

4. how

5. house

6. plow