"An Effective Teacher of Reading"

By: Allyson Ivey

Making Connections

When making connections with the article, I first pointed out to myself that not only is the push for high quality teachers and successful reading programs on the rise, but it's the need for the execution of these things to be used together in the classroom. As a teacher we are faced with many different challenges in the classroom. With legal backings and programs such as NCLB our role in a classroom is far beyond not just leaving a child behind. Yes along with being kind like the article stated, we are to be promoters, encouragers, and coaches to these students in every subject, but especially in reading. On topic of the "what" and "how", teachers have to pretty much decide that on their own. Okay, not exactly because there are so many resources out there, but in a way of every single student is different. It is the teacher’s responsibility to focus on each child. First of the year teacher’s break the students into small groups based upon the needs of each child. With this we make out a plan to ensure proper instruction for those students. We have to work with assessing each of these needs and weaknesses. The progress of our actions need to be monitored and changed if something is not working for the student. When teaching reading you are using every outlet as a possibility of instruction. Even our use of academic language is fostering the growth of vocabulary for the later stage of comprehension. Overall, every method of teaching reading that works for each child that deems itself to be effective, is an effective reading practice for that child. In connection of this to this course, I would say that reading is in fact one of the biggest areas taught in school. The teachers are so important on helping to ensure that each student has what they need in order to keep moving forward in their reading skills. This course has shown me both the needs and the importance of what we do, or will do, in the classroom.