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Injury to the elderly more obese colon cancer

American study recent study at the University of Maastricht and published in the American Journal of Epidemiology that obese seniors are likely to develop colon cancer than others who have normal weight. Study pointed out that these results are new evidence that obesity is a factor in cancer risk colon, and that exercise can play an effective role in reducing the risk of this type of cancer tumors, especially in women.
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researchers explained the study authors high risk of colon cancer in obese men by up to 25 percent more than other men who do not overweight, asserting that the risk increases the more space the waist, while the less, the less the size of the abdomen. Said researcher, a professor at the University of Maastricht and overseeing the study, said the findings provide new evidence that excess body fat may contribute increase in the risk of cancer of the rectum and colon.