What is a biography?

A biography tells key facts about a person, and it is written by someone else. It is about a real person, but is not written by the person. It is written in third person. The author must know a lot about the person and research the person, so that they can write about them. A biography describes key facts about a person. such as, where, when and how they live (or have lived if the person is no longer alive). It is written in chronological order.

What is the difference between a biography and autobiography?

The main difference between an autobiography and a biography are, first of all, biography is written by a person that studied a lot about another and an autobiography is written by himself/herself. Another main difference is that in a biography the author has to strictly study the person’s life while in an autobiography the person enjoys more the writing.

Pic Collage

Students will create a pic collage graphic organizer to include facts researched on assigned leader. Your biography may include two videos and six pictures.

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Frank Sinatra - New York, NY (GOOD version) by vapetlover