Vacation? Lets go to Venezuela!

All expense paid trip to the lovely country of Venezuela

A villa in the capitol city of Caracas

Once you arrive in the capitol city you will be escorted to a lovely villa in the center of Caracas. Only to be greeted by your lovely translator. They will help you feel at home in the lovely city. By doing such things as exchanging you dollars for Venezuelan Bolivar

Canaima National Park

Once you have settled in you will journey of two nights and three days to see the highest waterfalls in the world. The largest towering beauty is know as Angel falls. however don't worry you will have a very experienced tour guide with you for the monstrous trek. but the view is well worth it

Some images of the breathtaking falls

Guaranteed to be a blast

Learn all about the culture!

Once you arrive back at your villa get ready to dive right into the multi cultural scene

You'll learn all about the way the locals act without feeling out of place!