Term 2 Week 4 May 2023

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School Disco

Last Thursday, students and staff dressed up in all things fluro for an afternoon of fun and disco dancing.

We started with our K-2 disco and BBQ from 4pm and then our 3-6 from 5:30pm. There was lots of laughter, games and disco lights flashing from our school hall and lots of smiles from the students.

We were all very impressed with the costume efforts, dance moves and behaviour of the students and cannot wait until our next school disco.

Ms Bailey

TLPSSA Cross Country Carnival

Last Friday, around 50 students represented Erina Heights Public School at the TLPSSA Cross Country Carnival, held at Duffy’s Oval, Terrigal. The students looked amazing in our new representative sport singlets and their behaviour over the day was fantastic.

There were great shows of sportsmanship as we witnessed several of our students across different age groups stop and help competitors from other schools who were showing signs of distress. In some instances this meant the students did not place as well as they could have.

We had some great results, including Ella, Ava, Flynn, Charlie, Hudson and Lucas, who will now head to the Sydney North Cross Country. Congratulations!

I was lucky to be stationed out on the course and was able to cheer on our students as they ran past. Every student should be extremely proud of their efforts.

Ms Bailey

Classroom News


We have been working through some great text in 'Koala Ark' and 'Mallee Sky' and learning some fantastic writing techniques. Using alliteration and noun groups to better engage and inform our readers. In sport we are preparing for our athletics fun day by learning how to throw the javelin and run using a correct sprinting technique. We have also been learning how to hit and block during our hockey skills sessions. The students should be able to show off their 'chicken dance' and 'bubble it' dance moves they have been learning in dance lessons.

Mr Barnes


What a busy and exciting start to the term we've had in 1K! It's been wonderful to see everyone engaged and enthusiastic about learning. In mathematics, we’ve been exploring 2D shapes and delving into the concept of equivalence. During literacy, students wrote their own version of the book 'Don't let the pigeon....' and were able to give very persuasive arguments as to why the pigeon shouldn't be the teacher!

During dance lessons we have been mastering the lively heel and toe polka and learning how to dance with a partner. A special addition to our classroom has been Mrs Bracken, a university student who has joined us for four weeks and has brought new perspectives and learning activities to our daily routines. The highlight of this term so far was the school disco, students had a blast dancing the night away in their fluro.

1K is looking forward to more learning and fun in the coming weeks!

Miss Kay

PBL Focus

Wearing our school uniform respectfully

This week our Year 6 students reminded the school about the importance of wearing our school uniform respectfully.

The research tells us that:

  • Students who wear the correct uniform concentrate well on their studies.
  • It creates a sense of belonging.
  • It helps students feel united.
  • It increases confidence and respect.
  • It reduces the stress and cost of deciding what to wear.

How can you help us reinforce Wearing Our Uniform Respectfully?

Ensure students are:

  • Wearing their school hat when they leave for school in the morning.
  • Wearing the proper school jumper or jacket on colder days.
  • Wearing only essential accessories in our school colours.

Mrs Stahl

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Cultural News

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P&C News

Mothers Day Stall

Many thanks to the wonderful parents who assisted with the Mother’s Day preparations and stall last week. A huge thank you to Gail W, Nicole C, Kate P & Maddy G who spent many hours making beautiful gift tags & decorating the bags with ribbons for the mums. Thank you to Josey A, Kath W, Lisa M, Laura W, Rob C, Amy B & Gail W for their hard work inserting all the lovely artworks into the boxes for the children. The children were so very excited to see their special art come to life in their little box for mum. Thanks to the teachers for providing the time in class to complete the personalised piece of the gift.

Many hours go on behind the scenes to prepare for these fundraising ventures and a great deal of thought and care goes into providing gifts for our 253 students. If you have any feedback, or suggestions for future gift ideas or can assist with planning Father’s Day please reach out to any of the P&C executive, email the secretary or come along to the next meeting and get involved in your child’s school! Our next meeting is on Tuesday June 20 at 7pm in the staffroom.

Mother's Day Raffle Winners

A massive congratulations to these beautiful students who won the following prizes for their mums! Our greatest appreciation to these fabulous businesses who supported our school by donating prizes! Please in turn support those who kindly support us.

If you or your business may be able to assist the P&C with a prize or donation for our next fundraiser, please make contact with our P&C Secretary through

We hope to see you at the next meeting.

Felicia Horne

Voluntary School Contributions

Like all NSW public schools, we can request contributions to enhance our educational and sporting programs including elective subjects. School contributions help provide additional educational resources for the benefit of students. The contribution is set at $40 per student or $100 per family of three or more. While contributions are voluntary, student resources are maximised when each family makes its voluntary contribution.


We have gone digital with our permission notes! All permission notes can now be completed online via the SchoolBytes Portal. To access the portal go to the following address in a web browser

The first time you visit the page you will need to register with the email address you have provided to the school.

All excursions, incursions and extra curricular activities that require permisssion to attend will be listed under the activities tab and will need online consent prior to payment. Any paymnet that does not require permission, such as voluntary school contributions and online licences will appear under the statements tab.

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