How to become an Olympic champion

Golsie Achiever Interview with Stephanie Beckert

From Vancouver 2010 to Sochi 2014

  • Stephanie has won 3 Olympic medals (1Gold, 2 Silver) in Speed Skating at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.
  • Her goal is to reach the podium again in Sochi 2014 and add more Olympic medals to her impressive career.
  • Golsie interviewed Stephanie about the source of her motivation

The interview

Golsie: After winning three medals in Vancouver, how do you motivate yourself?

Stephanie: Since early childhood, my dream has always been to compete at the Olympics.

I have been very disciplined with training for years to make this dream come true. It was such a great experience and that is why I really want to do it again in Sochi. I am convinced that I can do it again.

Golsie: How do you prepare for the Olympics?

Stephanie: To achieve the goal of winning more Olympic medals, I have completed a very extensive training in the summer. There were many training camps where I 've been preparing very hard for my sport. It always starts with a 3 week bike session in Livigno, Italy. The tough climbs in the Alps are great to literally torture myself in training at high altitude, in sunshine as well as rain. After a recovery week at home, where there was some light training, I went with my team to Inzell for skating on summer ice. My plan includes a lot of technique training, gym workouts and countless laps on the ice rink.

Before the start of the season, I spent another 3 weeks in the high altitudes of Font Romeu, France and mainly worked with rollerskates. In early September, the ice in Erfurt is ready and I use the last few weeks to get into shape for the first World Cups.

Golsie: Wow, what a tough schedule! What keeps you going with this plan on days with low motivation?

Stephanie: Life as an athlete also means that you have to give up other things to realize your dream. I 'm not like most people. On hot days in summer, I won’t simply go for a swim by the lake. No, I will sit 4-5 hours on my bike and train. We must not omit one or two units, but you need to know 1000% what you want, otherwise it will not work out. But honestly, standing on the podium at the ceremony in Vancouver is paying off for all the hard work that I am putting in. I forget about the pain of the daily hard training and I am just happy and proud.

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