What's Happening in PBS?

Week of 2/1-2/5


This week we are finishing up the first half of unit 3 and starting the second half of it. We are reviewing in class on Monday and then taking the Test on Tuesday. If the kids want to come in and look at their test and review it with me, they just need to let me know they plan on coming in so that we can schedule a time.

Then on Wedensday we start the next half of our unit which will be covering a lot of biology concepts like cell division, genetics, punnet squares and pedigrees. We will do an introduction on Wednsday, then work on an assignment that is How DNA is Passed on thursday and friday.

As for HOSA this week

  • Monday - Guest Speaker, he is a Medical Student at UMKC who is currently in his OBGYN Rotation.
  • Thursday - St. Marys Volunteering from 4:45-6:45pm for those who are signed up

We do have a big volunteering opportunity coming up on February 13th. Get more info here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0f4ba8a922abf85-special We need lots of volunteers, so start signing up early!


Rachell Weiss