By Ava Wood

Table Scraps Make A Dog Fat

Did you know there are more than 100 dogs in the world who has died from chocolate.if you didn't , well my friends dog did, oh yay, now you know someone! I'm going to tell you a little story about my friends dog. Haleigh Russell 10 years old had her dog died from chocolate, it was Saturday January 22, 2016 her dog named spice jumped up on the table where Haleigh's little brother Adian left the piece of chocolate and spice gobbled it all up. 5 min later spice was laying on the ground. it doesn't matter what kind of breed it is, all dogs can get poisoned by chocolate.

Dogs Follow Those Who Feed Them

You know you have to take care of your dog if you get one. You also know lots of the simple facts about dogs, like letting them out, feeding them. but do you know how many times lo let them out, or how many times to feed them. Well, if you don't know those things, keep reading! You probably want to feed them at least two times a day. Oh and i almost forgot this is the most important part, you should try to let them out every 6 to 8 hours. and if you are on a vacation and you aren't bringing your dog with you this can be good for cats too, you can get a pet sitter. If you just got a new dog make sure they feel at home and safe. Even if you have had this dog for 10 years make sure they feel comfortable and loved.
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Squirrel, Where?

Has your dog came up to you with a small animal is his mouth? He probably looked like he was a cheetah just running on a tread mill outside, he probably got a lot of exercise. Did you know there are a lot of different ways for dogs to get exercise, like they can pull sleds. Make sure it's a big dog to pull a sled, it would be way to hard to make a little dog pull a sled. Also don't have dogs pull it for to long. The could pass out in less than 30 min! Lots of dogs love playing in the snow, but also they like laying in the deep hot sun. If you thought their legs would get cold they only would if it was a dog with not a lot of fur, and only if they're out for a long time. Did you know some dogs have two coats of fur, an example is Pomeranian. Dogs have some fast relatives, like coyotes bush dogs and fennec foxes.