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Aug 3, 2023

School Starts August 17, 2023

We are super excited to start the 2023 school year and look forward to seeing you all. Below is a large amount of information. Please take the time to read through it all. I promise, our Newsletter will not be nearly as long once school gets up and running.

Enjoy the last two weeks of summer!

Ms. Sumner

Romig 7th grade Camp August 10th

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Schedules and Lockers

Schedules and Locker information will be updated on Q after August 15h. In past years, we have hosted an afternoon for students to walk the building and practice their lockers. Due to construction this year, we are unable to provide that experience before school starts.

Please know we will have many staff in the halls on the first day of school to help students find classes and open lockers. There will be time built into the student day to practice opening lockers.

Would you like to work at Romig?

Romig has the following open positions. If you know a great candidate encourage them to reach out to the office to find out more information.

Job ID 15175: Counselor at ROMIG MIDDLE SCHOOL

JobID 14500: Special Education Teacher Self-Contained Class at ROMIG MIDDLE SCHOOL - Lifeskills

JobID 13513: Student Support Specialist Indigenous Education at ROMIG MIDDLE SCHOOL

JobID 13850: Safety Security at ROMIG MIDDLE SCHOOL

Job ID 11907: Paraprofessional Educator Special Education Resource Secondary at ROMIG MIDDLE SCHOOL

JobID: 15416 - Paraprofessional Educator Special Education Special Programs Secondary - ROMIG

Would you like to sub exclusively at Romig?

Romig is looking for a few super-subs who would like to substitute exclusively at Romig. Substitute pay is $175 daily, and a bachelor's degree is required, and $225 a day with an Alaska Teacher Certification. Don't hesitate to contact the main office for more information. Please pass on the info if you or someone you know is interested.
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Bussing Changes

Please be sure to double-check your bus stop and time for your bus pick-up. Please remember bussing time will be different on Monday mornings. You can call the transportation office at 907-742-1200 with any busing questions.

New Staff

Please help us welcome our new staff members:

Spanish Immersion Teacher - Sonia Morales (was teaching Spanish at Romig last year)

Spanish Immersion Teacher - Juana Von Buchwalkd Briones (Karen Low will be teaching until Juana can move to Alaska)

Science - Lindsay Weingartner

Math - Julie Du

Social Skills/Affective Skills - John Conrad

Back-to-school shopping list

We do not have specific back-to-school shopping lists, as each class might require different things, and we do not want you to waste money on unnecessary items. All students need a computer sleeve for the Chromebook, a binder with dividers, paper, and good writing pens/pencils.


Incoming 7th graders who do not have Chromebooks and new to ASD 8th graders will be issued Chromebooks in the first few days of school.

We would love to see you

Looking for a fun way to volunteer at your kiddo’s school?

The Romig School Store is a parent-led fundraiser that contributes to the purchase of much-needed academic supplies, sports programs, Chromebooks, and more. Snacks and drinks are sold at lunchtime, and parent volunteers are needed to run the store.

  • Each shift is about 45 minutes at lunchtime.

  • The minimum commitment is a specific day of the week every other week (2 shifts per month).

  • Or, sign up to work every week if you can.

  • Parents can invite their student and a friend to help work the store.

  • Parents will have to complete the ASD volunteer application process. This must be renewed each year.

If interested, please send an email to

Many thanks,

Dee Dee Zobian Mason

Free and Reduced Lunch: Paperwork needs to be turned in this year

If you qualify, FREE and REDUCED LUNCH APPLICATIONS ARE REQUIRED THIS YEAR!! Click THIS LINK for the online application. We didn’t have to go through this process the last two years due to COVID money, but this year we do. So - get your application in soon!

Gear Up

Students love to sport Romig Swag. The online stores allow students to order fun items before school starts.

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School hours

Classes are from 9:15 - 2:45 on Mondays and 8:15-2:45 the rest of the week. Doors open at 7:30 and pick up is by 3:00 unless enrolled in a sport/activity or utilizing the library until 3:30. At this time, there will not be an open gym.

Please remember we have a late start for students on Monday. Classes begin at 9:15 am on Mondays, and the library is not available in the morning.


If you are interested in joining the Romig PTSA please reach out to The PTSA is a great way to be in the know and involved with our school.

Romig Dress Code

Students are expected to adhere to the Romig Dress Code. Please remember that students do not wear hats or hoods during the school day (with the exception of spirit days if applicable). Student mid-drifts should be covered, undergarments covered and shorts/pants should be below the student's extended fingertips at all times. If you would like more details about the dress code the student handbook can be viewed at .

What is the cell phone/game device and earbud/headphone policy?

We have updated our device/phone policy. Students may have their phones out before school, after school, and during lunch. This allows students to check for messages during the middle of the day. If you have an urgent issue and need to reach your student outside of those three opportunities, please call the main office, and we will send the information. Students may not have their phones visible during class or in the halls. Students will forfeit their phones for the remainder of the day if it is seen or heard. The only exception will be if the teacher clearly displays the device poster on the classroom door. Even then, devices can only be used for specific instructional purposes. The same applies to earbuds/headphones and any game device.

Traffic Flow:

Traffic is very busy at Romig. I highly recommend arriving at Romig to pick up your student 10 to 15 minutes after they leave class to avoid the gridlock. Please note that we ask parents to use a circular pattern for pick-up and drop-off. Students are dropped off and picked up at the curb because it keeps them safe. In the past, we have found that kids darting through the lot traffic or the aisle was very unsafe. The left-hand lane of traffic is for pulling through, not pick-up. If we can all be kind and patient, pick-up will go well, students will be safe and everyone will be out of the lot in 10 min or less.

Walking or riding your bike

As always, if students are going to walk or ride a bike to school, we recommend coming up with a group of students within the neighborhood to walk together. There are bike racks in front of Romig, and even though the security camera monitors them, we highly recommend that bikes be locked to the racks.

City Bus Passes:

Any ASD student can ride the People Mover for free. However, there is a catch. A valid student ID will get students on for free. Last years’ student ID will get students on for free. Additionally, any photo ID will be accepted. Please practice this with your student.

Go to this MUNI WEBSITE for more information.

Sports and activites

Boys’ Basketball & Cross-Country Running

registration is now open!


All Participants will need the following:

The required fee of $110 can be paid online through Parent Connect or via cash or check made payable to Romig Middle School. Families may apply for a fee waiver by going through the Free & Reduced Lunch program by clicking the following link:


If you have any questions regarding registration please contact Corina Hase at or (907)742-5209.

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