Ferdinand Magellan

Emma Nelson


Ferdinand Magellan was from Spain, he joined the portguess navy when he was young which taught him how to navagate ships. when he was older he asked King Charles I ( the king of Spain) to grant him permision to sail the seas and find passage ways for trade. the king gave permission. The voyage started in the year 1519. There were 5 ships that went with them on the voyage. The Trinidad,San Antonio, Conception,Victoria, and Santiago. Magellan sailed on the Trinidad. they sailed on the Southern side of Africa and in the Philippines. They traveled more and more and finally the journey ended in 1522
Magellan had a goal of finding Western routes to Spice Island and/ or Moluccas. He was funded by banking houses for his journey. Ferdinand Magellan was motivated by the " gold" . He wanted to find treasure and find trade routs so when he brought treasure back he would make a lot of money. I feel like he also did it for fame because he hoped to find new things. So if he did discover something new his name would get the credit.


Ferdinand Magellan and his crew spread their religion to Indians in the Philippines. He found the spice island that he was looking for and made trade with people and made trade routs. Also, he found a passage through South America, and was the first to circumnavigate.

Ferdinand Magellan death

There was disagreement with the Indians, so they said they were going to fight each other. there was a lot of destruction to the Indians houses and towns, so they were ready to get revenge. Ferdinand Magellan was killed by a Indian that threw a bamboo lance at his face.
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