This is The Pope He is the Christian leader of worship

This is a Church and this is where Christians worship

This is the holy cross and it is the symbol of christianity

This is a christmas tree, and it is used for a christian holiday where we selebrate the birth of Jesus

This is the Holy Bible, It is the holy book of christianity.

This is the christian holy city. The Vatican city.

Basic things of Christianity

Followers are called Christians.

some traditions are Christmas, Easter and three kings day.

They worship at churches.

The Holy book is the Holy Bible.

The worship leader is the Pope.

Some holy days are Christmas, Easter and three kings day.

The main holy worship places is the Vatican city and churches.


Like judasm christianity worships the one and only god, but the islamic religion worship a god called allah. They all worship one god, but one of the religions has a different name for their god.