Quarter 3 Reading

The Memories Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards


This novel takes place in 1964, the year where he delivers his own twins. Dr. David Henry helps his wife, Norah give birth to their twins with the assistance of nurse Caroline Gill. Their first child, Paul was born. Then came the daughter. David realized that she had Down Syndrome and didn't want it to hurt Norah. He told Caroline to bring her to an institution. Later realizing that she couldn't bring her and leave her in an institution, later names Phoebe. She kept her saying that she ran away from Phoebes father because he wanted to institutionalize her. Caroline and Phoebe begin there life together.

Theme #1

This whole book represents all individual lessons with all characters. In the end after Dr.David Henry has a heart attack and Norah finds out about Phoebe. Hiding this secret that their other child is alive destroyed their relationship, ending it with a divorce and David has held this guilt for most of his life. This shows that you shouldn't hide stuff especially holding the guilt for so long.

Theme #2

When Caroline was given Phoebe to take to an institution, mentally Caroline couldn't do it. She thought it was the wrong thing to do. In the end it ended up being one of the best decisions of her life. Lesson learned is never give up on someone on who they were born as. Try to make a life of what you have. Caroline's life sprouted as soon as she took Phoebe in.

Theme #3

Norah and David never really had a dream relationship you wish to have after you have children. There relationship went downhill because there relationship lived with a lie. If you start to hide things you will start to change. The theme here is basically to not lie to your partner. These bad stuff can happen and you will start to change.