Let's Get Rid Of Olives This Fall!

Help us stop the invasive species "The 'Autumn' Olive"

How the Autumn Olive effects our community

The autumn olive was brought here from countries like Japan, China and Iran. This plant looks beautiful at first, but has shown multiple signs of agression across almost all of North America. The plant displaces native plants by reproducing very quickly and in large quantities. And to make matters worse, failed attempts to get rid of this plant has caused it to reproduce even more.

On October 10th, we will be trying to get rid of these invasive plants. And what a time it is, to do it, since we are doing it in the "autumn". Our methods try to remove the plants with as little enviornmental impact as possible. Herbicides are effective in the process but can also kill other plants and maybe even animals if it enters a water supply or into the air, therefore we do not use them in removing invasive plants. The methods include: cutting, digging, lightly pulling and prescribed burning. The seeds will need to be slowly pulled out and disposed, so that more will not grow. Weed removers will be provided. The event is for all ages. Children will be provided with age friendly shovels to dig out the roots. The harder jobs will be done by our own workers and volunteers as well as our CEOs Vazrik and Sam and any of you who would like to volunteer. Prescribed burning will be done only by trained professionals we have hired and they will be wearing fire proof clothing and safety equipment will be provided. All the methods will be done with care and will have very little environmental impact. This will greatly benefit the environment.

The "Autumn" Olive

Thursday, Oct. 10th 2013 at 10am-4:30pm

11300 Bayview Avenue

Richmond Hill, ON

How the event will take place

10 am: opening ceremony. Everything will be explained and equipment will be handed out

11am-1pm: cutting and mowing

1:00-3:30pm: weed removals, shovelling, removal of seeds and roots

3:45-4:30pm prescribed burning

Why our cleanup is so important to the community and our goal for Richmond Hill

Our cleanup is very important to the community because with the cleanup of this invasive species, we can give other plants a chance to grow in soils that give them space. We have too many of these plants in our community and need them gone. Also, people who donate to our cause of making Richmond Hill's enviornment healthier, with less invasive weeds, will get a yearly checkup of their backyard and will get their weeds removed for free.