Art KA

for Mrs. Wickens' Class

Lesson Objectives

  • Students will follow step by step directions.
  • Students will draw different shapes to create an artwork.


30 minutes


5 minutes

Pete The Cat -I Love My White Shoes ... Pete El gato -I Amor Mi blancos



20 minutes

Draw Pete the Cat with Mrs. Rutan.

Pete the Cat


5 minutes

If you can not see the Pete the Cat Assessment below, click on this link

Pete the Cat Assessment.


Additional stories about Pete the Cat you may enjoy.

Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes
Pete the Cat and His Magical Sunglasses
The Wheels on the Bus - Pete the Cat

Mrs. Cherri Rutan

Southwest Parke Community School Corporation

Elementary Art Teacher at Montezuma and Rosedale

If you have questions about this lesson contact me by email. If you contact me on May 17th or 18th between 6-8pm, I will get right back to you (Include a phone number if you would like me to call.). You can email me any other time and I will email you back as soon as possible.

You can also have an adult send me a photograph of your artwork. I would love to see you work!