This is Gonna Be HOT !

Ready to Apply HTV "Faux Pocks" - Custom made for YOU!

Suddenly YOU are "Christmas Gift" City...

When your friends see this, they will probably go WILD. Who won't want a special T-shirt made just for them by you know who? Just select your style, (as shown here, or make up your own !) Choose your colors, Submit any artwork you might need (read our artwork guide)....and we will design you 6 - (yes, 6!) ready to apply t-shirt Heat transfer Faux pockets, already cut out and ready to apply..The stitches are pre-printed too.. Add your OWN initials with your cutter and YES it layers beautifully with the backward cut HTV materials that come in solid colors and bling-bling colors... that's where YOU come in. Personalize these and you will be making some TRULY-LOVED Gift Items ! These are just a few ideas that we have come up with, Feel free to use these, change them around, or simply, make up your own!!

Only $11.99 Gets you a sheet of 6 Customizable Pockets !