Your Story

Useful resume sites.

Below I have listed sites that I feel will assist you to write the perfect resume and will show a potential employer the real you. These site will give you ideas and inspire you to write a resume that best reflects you.

Step 1

Ask yourself what is a resume?

How do I show others the real me?

What should I include and what do I leave out?

You can watch this video and decide for yourself does it give you a true picture of the person and would you hire them?

A Sample Resume and Cover Letter

I have a few sample resume and a cover letter loaded on the schools website for you to download and use.

Other Resume Sites

I have also included other sites that have resume advice and downloadable resumes for you to use. remember your resume needs to be different from others. So add your own style to the finished product.

Resume Check List

Many resumes end up in a file known as "The Bin" . Check that your resume reflects what an employer wants to know up front. Is easy to read and makes you stand out.

Now for a bit of fun.

I have posted a resume for a creative job so do not use this style for your first job, however it does allow me to demonstrate for those of you who are visual learners what I mean when I say that a resume is your story. Do you agree that this page sums up everything an employer needs to know about Tina?
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