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Fast Facts

Continent: Asia. Capital: Beijng. Population: 1,367,485,388. Area: 3,705,405 square miles ( 9,596,960 square kilometers). Main Languages: Mandarin. Main Religions: None. Distance from Capital to Washington D.C.: 6971.5 miles ( 11219.54 kilometers).

Games and Sports.

A lot of Chinese love playing basket ball, table tennis, swimming, soccer, and bad Minton.


Chinese food is all a round and many different types like rice, soup, sauce, cooked vegetables, noodles, dumplings, bread, meat, and spicy Sichuan.


Chinas holidays last two weeks and the name of the holidays are spring festival, Chinese New Year, National day, and lunar moon calendar.


Chinese schools are a lot more pressure and more homework then the U.S.A.

Getting Around.

The Chinese people don't have a lot of cars but instead they ride animals, bicycles, motor scooters, train, or buses now they have a high speed-rail route for the train.


I would like to see in this Country is. The cars and go on the high speed-rail train and eat there food and be in a Chinese holiday or go see the museum and learn how they talk.

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