Biography Report

Dear 3B Parents,

Your third grader is starting the process of accomplishing a biography project. He or she will be coming home today with information about the famous person he or she would like to learn more about. We'll pull any books that might be helpful from the Central School library this week. I'm going to try to visit some other local libraries to grab even more books. Please encourage your child to do the same! :) Please encourage your child to read about his or her famous person as the 20 minutes of reading for homework each night.

The students will write their very own biography book about their famous person. Here's a list of the important information he or she will be responsible for collecting:

- what the person is famous for

- 3 significant events

- famous quote

- life lesson

- 5 character traits

- interesting fact

We will be working on this assignment in class.

Happy reading!

Miss Bucceri

P.S. I included some helpful links below. Your child can visit these helpful sites and more when they eheck out my eBoard.