Wanted-Asta's Son

By: Alex R.

Asta's Son's Crimes

There are a few crimes that Asta's Son has committed. He has stolen gold and jewels from the manor house. He has gone outside the cross barrier and into the woods. John Aycliffe has called a Wolfshead on him.


John Aycliffe lives in Stromford Village in the Manor house. He is the steward so be respectful. Knock, show the body and you get rewarded. You will need to fill out a form of you birth, current position, name and occupation. More Info on the reward below.

Asta's Son is a Wolfshead! Kill on Sight!

Reward! Gold! Bread!


If you bring the body dead or alive you will get your reward. Your reward is 50 gold coins and 2 loafs of bread. You will get a day off of work when you are sick. For more info about who to contact look up.