Greece and Rome

by Tyler Guerke

City States in Greece/Government

There was hundreds of city states in Greece while in their golden age, like Sparta and Athens. They each had their own government, ruler, and army. Citizens would not say they were from , rather they would say that they are a citizen of Athens or Sparta. The city states also had their own type of government like monarchy, oligarchy, or democracy. Finally the city states were very independent and often at war, so it is very hard to say that they were a country during this mayhem.

Roman Igenuity

The Romans were very clever and smart. They always had an invention for a better life, like now but thousands of years ago. One of their major accomplishments was the aqueducts that stretched thousands of miles across Rome. They also built an estimated 250,000 miles of road making it easier to trade and there was faster travel of news and talk. in addition they also were inspired by the Greeks.