Solid Wall Insulation

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Insulate Your Home Properly & Live A Peaceful Life By Reducing Your Energy Billing

Every year an unrecoverable amount of energy is lost in the form heat In the US that led to the major problem of the world that is ‘Energy Crises’. Recovering these crises is the only option for us otherwise we would not be able to survive without the provision of energy.

Proper Solid wall insulation of your home is beneficial for managing the heat loses and the saving of money paid for that lost heat. The energy bill paid for that heat lost is wastage of money. Here few universal options are recommended for recovery of energy from wasting. Following are the different insulation methods used.

Insulation of Pipes and water tank

Insulation of water tanks requires 3.1 inches thickness of the water tank jackets. Cost of these insulation jackets are about £17 but it saves £25 each year. Besides this Interior wall insulation of hot water pipes is a good source of saving energy, also the floorboards should be insulated to enhance the amount of saving energy.

Insulation of Cavity Walls

The cavity walls are present in those houses that has been built after 1930, that having wall thickness of 27cm.When these cavity walls are present, its insulation are performed in very simple way just by injecting insulation material into the Internal wall insulation. Material is injected in such simple way that don’t cause any mess. This insulation process takes about 2 hours for semi-detached bedrooms to complete. But if you hire a professional for this insulation then it will be guaranteed for next 27 years. It’s quite easy task and you will feel its benefit in each year, that is proper distribution of temperature in the house, maintenance of room temperature in the hot summer especially and lesser condensation. This setting will save your energy cost up to £170 annually.

Proper Floor Insulation

Floor insulation is also important for maintaining temperature of house. The most easy and quick insulation method is filling of gaps in the floorboards, floor and skirting boards with silicon rubber. This way you can save $30 annually.

Another method of Underfloor insulation is the insulation under ground floor floorboards. This will result in the saving of 75$ each year. But while doing this insulation takes care of air bricks not to be blocked that could result in the decaying of your floor boards due to poor ventilation.

What Is Solid Wall Insulation?
Houses that have open flow boiler, solid fire or gas fire needs proper ventilation, which is quite important in the kitchens and washrooms that prevent condensation, making even distribution of temperature and oxygen. If someone faces problem of condensation then the kitchen windows must be opened while cooking and exhaust fan should be used to maintain proper flow of oxygen.