The Interview With Ashleigh Vella

Interviewed by Jessica Tjee

Jessica Tjee (the interviewer) has been interviewing one of the students from Nagle College. Her mum was one of the student at the time. Ashleigh was pleased to be interviewed and has some things she wanted to say about the school

How would you describe Nagle as a community?

Um, i would describe it the community wise. I probably say it's well known, so everyone knows who Nagle is and everyone wants to be apart of the Nagle college community because it's quite good like um, with it's aspects of it's faith and it's religion and the college. It's also good how we work together as a community and how we stick together so yeah

Why did you choose to go to Nagle?

Um, i never got the choice to come to Nagle. But i'm kind of glad that my mum not forced me, but kind of you know pushed me towards the direction to go to Nagle because i've made new friends

What do you teachers say is your greatesr strength and weekness both as an individual and as a student?

Well, all my teachers have said i'm a very creative person and that is my strength, so as an individual i'm very open minded about everything and i am very good at verbal discussions in class and verbal projects in class. So thats my strong point.

Describe your first day at Nagle

Hahaha. I actually was pretty scared to come to Nagle because i knew no one and this is basically a fresh start for me. I was also quite scared in thinking that the school was too big but now i look back and i laugh because i know basically where to go and everywhere

Describe What It Feels Like Being In Yr 9

Pretty good, yeah basically year 9, it's year 9. It's not complicated, it's not too hard, it's no easy. It's in-between. So it's basically that and for me i'm preparing for year 10, 11 and 12 where all my marks really count from this year and onwards

When you get out of school, what are you planning on doing?

Oh thats a hard one. Well, i want to be a psychiatrist and i want to go to uni, so i'll probably make sure i have a good job, i get accepted to the uni i want or just a uni in general and do a psychology course or a teaching course

Tell me a bit of your background, so where you're from, age etc

Ok i'm turning 15 in a month (July 17th) and i'm Maltese, Scottish. Ok so my dad is Maltese, Italian and Spanish but mainly Italian and Maltese and my mum is Scottish. So yeah

What is one thing you remember from yr 7?

Oh god, probably year 7 camp. That's probably like one of the best camps i've ever been to, it was fun got to meet new people

What is your favourite class and why?

My favourite class would probably have to be Pass because i'm a very sporty person and yeah that basically sums it up. I'm a very sporty person and i love anything to do with sport

If you could change anything about the school, what would it be?

It probably be the sport days because i don't like how they cut our sport to only once every fort-night because every week i was use to the consistency of every Thursday of having sport and that was sport, that was the routine and now they basically mucked up the whole routine

Tell me a major obstacle that you have faced in school

Bullying, definitely through kindergarten to year 7 and last year. Bullying was a big part it was a massive obstacle because girls were making rumours about me and spreading mean stuff about me, call me fat and everything. My self-esteem dropped heaps and i didn't believe i could do anything. Recently i've met some new friends including yourself (the interviewer) who basically change the way i look at myself and basically tell me not to worry about what they say

What is your least favourite subject and why?

Math. Its always been maths because i just, it's not something i'm excited about, it's something i hate. It's kind of in-between

Tell me a positive thing and a negative thing about the school

A positive would be that the teacher are very easy to talk to and a negative thing would probably be that we don't get to have much, i'm not saying it's because of the boys but we don't get to interact with boys as much as my mum used to when she went to this school because they used to have like either going on excursion together or just for social dances or just talk. Most of my friends are guy friends, and they go to Patrician Brothers and i very rarely get to see them so thats one negative thing

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

Being a psychologist or being a teacher and how old would i be ing ten years wait. (25 years said from the interviewer) 25 and possibly getting engage. So yeah to get married

Is there anything about high school that worries you?

Just how much crap goes on behind closed doors about girls spreading rumours and stuff thats the only worry that i have.

Who is your favourite teacher and why?

I might get into trouble if i answer this. I don't have a favourite but 2 teacher which i feel easy to talk to probably Mr. Ford and Mr. Collar