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Miss Maudies opinion

Miss Maudie's opinion of the children is that they should be treated as individuals and her opinion of Atticus is that he is a person with no secrets. In the book it says "she called us by all our names..." And in the case of Atticus "Atticus Finch is the same in his house as he is on the public streets." This proves that she treated the children like individuals because she respects them enough to call them by their name instead of grouping them, this shows that Atticus doesn't change no matter who he is around. Miss Maudie's sees all the children as their own person, and Atticus doesn't conceal who he is, he is himself at all times

Who is miss Maudie

Miss Maudie is your average character, but she shows that she has a great deal of knowledge on many people in maycomb, Alabama. Miss Maudie is a great gardener, but she mainly takes care of her azaleas

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