Novio Boy

By Gary Soto


Rudy wanted to go on a date but he didn't have the money so he borrowed from his family and friend then he and Patricia had a good date.

The theme is You have to always be prepared

Evidence. What's twenty-four dollars and fifty cents to me

Conflict-Man vs Man, Man vs Society

Inner Conflict- Rudy doesn't have money and doesn't know if he can be suave and pull of the date

External Conflict- Everybody can embarrass Rudy in his date and they think it isn't right he doesn't date someone older than him.

Cast of Main Charecters

Rudy Alex Patricia

Sweet Awkward Romantic

Funny Wiser Caring

Evidence. "ninth grader, small sweet, funny" "Big, Awkward but wiser" "Show you care about him" "tall, romantic"

Vocabulary Words

Earshot- The Range within which a person can hear another's voice unaided voice

Strum-play (a guitar or similar instrument) by sweeping the thumb up or down across the strings.

Accordion-a portable musical instrument with metal reeds blown by bellows, played by means of keys and buttons Syn. Squeezebox

"We can split this"

It shows that Patricia is willing to help Rudy