D-day invasion (air)

''Devotion of duty and skill in battle''

Invasion on Normandy

On Tuesday,1944 The western allies ( U.S.A ,Britain ,Canada) put 24,000 troops airborne during the night to land on Europe coast. The plan was to push through Germany's defenses. it was the largest invasion to take place during WWII. The allies lost 12,000 troops and about 1,000 aircrafts.

Planning the attack

Planning the attack was a huge effort, the had 135,000 troops in all. Some say the biggest challenge was getting the aircraft ready, they had 2,000 aircraft fly to Normandy and 24,000 went airborne. As they were using parachute to fall to the ground the axis were shooting up at the troops. The military strategies was to broad the beach and get behind cover right way, get through axis's defense and take over the coast of Normandy. The western allies had many code names for the best( Juno ,gold ,Omaha,Utah and sword.