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August 22-26

Electives for TK-8 start the following week August 23rd.

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Social and Emotional Learning: Strategies for Parents

Here are some specific steps you can take to nurture an emotionally intelligent child, and additional resources you can use to learn more about social and emotional learning.

Strategies At Home

Be a good listener. Joshua Freedman, Chief Operating Officer at Six Seconds, a nonprofit organization supporting emotional intelligence in families, schools, corporations, and communities, describes listening as a "core competency skill." Unfortunately, it's not always practiced by parents or children. For a list of strategies and activities for building listening skills, read Freedman's article on the subject, one of the many useful parenting resources at KidSource Online.

Model the behavior you seek. Whether it's apologizing when you're in the wrong or treating others with respect and kindness, children learn a great deal about relationships from observing the behavior of their parents. In the words of Maurice Elias, co-author of two books on emotionally intelligent parenting, parents should remember the "24K Golden Rule: We should always think about the impact of our actions on kids, and be as particular in what we do with our kids as we would want others to be with our kids." Check out an Edutopia interview with Elias about the role of social and emotional learning at home, as well as a video of him talking about why SEL should be an integral part of academic life. Elias is also a regular blogger for Edutopia on the topic of social and emotional learning.

Nurture your child's self-esteem. A child with a good sense of self is happier, more well-adjusted, and does better in school. Strategies for fostering self-esteem include giving your child responsibilities, allowing her to make age-appropriate choices, and showing your appreciation for a job well done.

Respect differences. Every child has his or her own unique talents and abilities. Whether in academics, athletics, or interpersonal relationships, resist the urge to compare your child to friends or siblings. Instead, honor your child's accomplishments and provide support and encouragement for the inevitable challenges he faces.

Take advantage of support services. Seek the advice and support of school counselors or other social services during times of family crisis, such as a divorce or the death of a close friend or family member. Remember that no matter how close you are to your child, she may be more comfortable discussing a troubling family situation with another trusted adult.


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Drop off & Pick up

Monday - Thursday

Drop off Gates Open (South Gate): 8:00am-8:25am, 12:30-12:40 and 1:00 to 1:10 pm for TK-8th grades.

The drop off loop is available 8:00-8:20, 12:30-12:40 and 1:00-1:10. Staff will greet your child at the gate. If you park in the lower parking lot, please walk your student to the open gate using the crosswalk.

Pick Up Gates Open (West Gate): 8:00-8:25, 12:30-12:40pm & 1:00-1:10pm

Please park in a parking spot and walk your child to the gate.


Classes start at 9:00am on Fridays. There is no supervision before 9:00 am classes begin as all teachers are in meetings. Please don't drop your student off before gates open. Please park and walk your student to the open gate using the crosswalk. Drop off loop is not open on Fridays.

Pick Up Gate Open:

Please park and walk up to pick up your student using the crosswalk. Drop off loop is not open on Fridays.

The map below marks the gates with bear paws. Thank you for your help in making drop off and pick up smooth and safe.

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Cross Country Information Meeting for K-8th Grade

Tuesday, Aug. 23rd, 2-2:30pm

5885 East Bonnyview Road

Redding, CA

If your child is interested in running in the Volcano cross country league, please come to an informational meeting with Erika Pine.

Student Handbook Highlight

Clothing for School

Stellar Charter School, like all places of business, has a dress code. Its purpose is to promote our values and vision in creating a safe learning community. Clothing or apparel worn to school is to be in good taste, be modest, not be detractive to the educational climate, and not be a safety concern to students, staff, or parents. A good general rule to follow is that all clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for the school setting.

  1. Clothing, footwear, graffiti, symbols, signs, etc. that are deemed as symbolic of gang affiliation, violent, or offensive by the administration are prohibited. Trends in gang attire will be updated and communicated, as needed, in order to ensure a safe school setting which is free from distractions.

  2. Clothing is to be modest and conducive to learning:

    1. No fishnet/see through clothing

    2. No bare midriffs, halter tops, tube or strapless tops

    3. No sagging pants. Pants are to fit appropriately at the waist and stay there. Baggy pants that stay up around the waist and don’t touch the ground are acceptable. Overalls must be strapped over the shoulders.

    4. No loose fitting or thin strapped tank tops - tank tops must be modest and have straps wide enough to cover undergarments. No loose fitting muscle shirts.

    5. No bandanas (rags) in pockets, belts, or hair (including triangle head scarves that look like bandanas).

  1. Shorts, skirts, and dresses are acceptable school dress if they are neat, clean, hemmed, and no shorter than mid-thigh. Shorts and dresses must be modest, cover undergarments and buttocks.

  2. Appropriate footwear must be worn for health, PE and safety reasons.

  3. Hats and hoods are allowed to be worn on campus when the students are outdoors. Once inside, they should be removed.

  4. Clothing and hats that advertise illegal substances (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.), depict violence, death, sex, obscene acts, skulls, or are offensive to another’s race, creed, gender, or religion are not acceptable.

  5. Drawings, symbols or graffiti are not allowed on personal items or on one’s body.

Student Handbook

To read the Stellar Handbook please follow the link.

Volunteer Fingerprinting Opportunity!

Stellar Families,

If you are at all interested in possibly volunteering throughout the school year, please consider utilizing one of these dates and times for convenient processing. We appreciate you and hope you will consider and appreciate the district for setting this up for us.

Redding School District Mobile 2022

8am-10am or longer if there are more applicants waiting to be fingerprinted.

8/30/22 Turtle Bay 1330 Arboretum Dr., Redding, CA 96003

8/31/22 Cypress 2150 Civic Center Dr., Redding, CA 96001

9/1/22 Juniper 375 Ellis St, Redding, CA 96001

9/2/22 Manzanita 1240 Manzanita Hills Ave, Redding, CA 96001

9/6/22 Sycamore 1926 Sycamore Dr, Redding, CA 96001

9/7/22 Sequoia 1805 Sequoia St, Redding, CA 96001

9/8/22 Bonny View 5080 Bidwell Rd., Redding, CA 96001