Oliver's Dream Vacation


Scotland is just north of the United Kingdom.

Reason Why I Want to Go There

There are a vast amount of trails which would be nice to walk on in the morning.

What Makes it so Great

Scotland has many rolling hills and steep mountains to explore. It is very cool and moist in the mountains and the mist feels great against your face.

Interesting Facts

1. Scotland tried to separate from the United Kingdom in 2014.

2. Scotland's most common touring activities is finding Nessie(Lochness Monster).

3. Scotland's national animal is the unicorn.

4. There are about 790 islands that make up Scotland.

5. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh.

6. Scotland's main religion is Christianity.

7. The raincoat was invented in Scotland.

8. The total population of Scotland in 5.2 million.

9. Scotland's Motto is no one provokes me with impunity.

10. Scotland is the second largest country in the UK.

Time of Flight

10 hours, 15 minutes


4,608 mi.

Who will accompany me?

Either my friend, Cameron, or a significant other. Ironically, Cameron is from Scotland.

Mode of Travel


Time of Stay

1 week

What Hotel I'll stay in

The Bonham Hotel

Information on Hotel

It is located in Edinburgh and has a nice view of the mountains. It has it's own restaurant which serves very fine and delicate foods. The bedrooms are well furnished and very comfortable.

Items to pack

I need to pack my toothbrush and my toothpaste to keep up my hygiene. I need a bag to carry all my clothing, which is another thing I'll need. I'll bring a few snacks for the road in case I get hungry. I'll bring a water canteen if in case I'm going hiking. l will bring both my running shoes and my hiking shoes. I will put some extra apparel in my bag in case I might need it for the weather, like a rain jacket.

Price of Lodging


Price on Souvenirs


Amount of Money spent on Food



Price of Flight


Price of Rental Car


Price of Gas

$1.53/liter or $6.12/gallon

Total money spent

$2,303(not including gas money)