Kindergarten Tattletales

Unit of Study

This week we will be studying plants. We talk about how inside every seed is a promise of a plant to grow. We focus on plant needs and plant parts. We will introduce the students to the scientific method as we explore plant needs. Each classroom will conduct an experiment based on the scientific method. Ask your child about the experiments that took place in their classroom on Friday.

Next week we will begin our Taking Care of the Earth Unit of study. Our learning focus during this unit is being responsible with what the earth gives us (natural resources, reduce, reuse, and recycle). We will need a gallon jug for each student. You can send it in by April 15th.


We finished our "How to" unit of study in writing workshop. We hope you enjoyed reading these creative books.

We have begun unit 4, persuasive writing. In kindergarten, that translates to "Writing to make the world a better place." The students see a problem, think about how they would solve it and write to convince others to solve or help them solve it.

Thank you so much for your support in listening to your child read their guided reading books and returning them.

Scholastic Book Fair

Monday, May 16th, 10am to Friday, May 20th, 5pm

Crumbaugh Library

The book fair is back! It will be located at Crumbaugh Library. The children will have the opportunity to view the book selections and bring home a wish list of books they would like to purchase. It will be open to the public on Thursday, May 19, from 4-8 pm. There will be a Feeling Groovy dress up day on that Thursday as well. The book fair committee has set a goal to sell $2200 during the sale. There will be teacher wish lists if you would like to donate a book back to your child's classroom. All proceeds from the sale will used to purchase books for school and classroom libraries. Online purchasing will also be available. Watch for more information to come!

We will not be sending home anymore book orders this year to allow children and families to participate and enjoy this special event.

Parent Links Below!

If you have never checked out these links, please do now! These two are excellent resources. Please take the time to click the links and check them out.

Upcoming dates to remember:

May 5- Spring Concert

May 6- FFA Farm Day at LES

May 16-20- Book Fair at Crumbaugh Library,

18th- Kindergarten walking field trip to view book fair at Crumbaugh Library

19th- Special Hours for Parents and Grandparents to visit from 4-8 pm.

May 20- Kindergarten Carnival. Volunteers needed! Email your classroom teacher for more information.

May 23- Field Trip to Children's Museum of IL and Scovill Zoo in Decatur

May 25- Last full day student attendance


We continue to work in unit 5, Investigating Addition and Subtraction. Today we played a game called, Bo Peep's Domino Dilemma/Memory. All the dominoes are placed faced down. Children take turns turning over to dominoes. They will find the sum of the pips of each domino. If the sums are the same, they have a match. If you have dominoes at home, this would be a great game to review at home.