Visible Learning

Research based book and "Mind Set" - by John Hattie


Activate Prior Knowledge: Connect new info. to previous knowledge:Ask teachers: What do you think has a high influence on student success?
Hook / Lead- in (short video clip/brief passage from book/songs/games/intriguing discussion questions/prop/item): Look at Page 9 of document (Hattie's Research Findings and Assessment Framework) and ask teachers: What do you notice about this chart? Does anything surprise you?

Explicit Instruction with Modeling and Guided Practice:

Explicit Instruction: Show page 2 and explain the T chart about the teacher and student roles in the classroom that embraces Visible Learning.
Modeling: How do I model this to learners?
Guided Practice Practice the skill and guide them: Ask each person to read through one of the principles and ask them to explain what the one they read is about. Guide the discussion.

Independent Practice and Application:

Independent Practice of what was learned is assigned to students:  Ask teachers: How could you or are you using Visible Learning in your classroom?


Written or visual / Needs to include some form of review and check for understanding: Hand out Visible Learning - Your Personal Health Check (page 7) and ask teachers to rate and discuss with a partner.
John Hattie: Visible Learning Pt1. Disasters and below average methods.
John Hattie, Visible Learning. Pt 2: effective methods.