Hannah Nix

When I was in fourth grade,I found out I could finally get my braces. I was so anxious to get my teeth straightened up together! My mom was telling and showing me how the braces were going to work. After I was told how the braces were going to work, I felt nausea. I wasn't so sure how i felt about the situation anymore.

It was the next appointment, so I could finally get my braces. Since I had mixed emotions, I was feeling anxious and nausea about what was about to happen. When Dr. Bloom told me how he was going to put the braces on, I stopped feeling so nausea and stayed calm. I lied in the chair while Dr.Bloom put the brackets and wires on my teeth. When he was done, I immediately rushed to the mirror to see what I looked like.

Before I left the orthodontist, Dr. Bloom was telling me what I can and can't eat. When, I got to school I was scared that people would think I looked weird. I would hide my teeth when I would talk. My friend Kristine caught me with my teeth showing. I didn´t feel scared to show my teeth, after I realized Kristine didn´t judge me and I ended up really liking my braces after all.

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