Casey Bumpass, Grant Adams, Bryan Jenkins, Jack Williamson

Good reasons to go to war for USA

  • If we are attacked first (terrorism)
  • If we are directly threatened by a nuke
  • if they have hostages or threatening US citizens
  • to help out allies who are in danger

Reasons to avoid war

  • cost money
  • put our troops lives in danger
  • possible retaliation from other countries

Draft soldiers? Yes or No...

  • Yes in times like WWII and when it is absolutely needed

Just wars

  • WWI & II- We had to help out our allied nations and stop tyrants from advancing.
  • Mexican American war- To help Texas and we got a lot of land out of it
  • War on Terror- tried to eliminate terrorism
  • American Revolution- Gained independence from Britain
  • TX Revolution- Texas did not want to be controlled by mexico
  • War of 1812- We had to keep Britain from attacking our ships and kidnapping our soldiers.

Unjust wars

  • US Vs Native Americans- we had already done enough to the indians
  • Korean War- thousands were killed
  • Vietnam War- millions died and we didn't gain anything
  • Civil War- We were fighting our brothers and friends, and we didn't really free the slaves they were still discriminated